Triple A

The exclusive database designed for auditors, accountants, lawyers, and CFOs

The exclusive database designed for auditors, accountants, lawyers, and CFOs

Triple A is CTI’s exclusive database designed for auditors, accountants, lawyers, and CFOs.

Triple A was conceived in order to answer the linguistic needs of business professionals and translators specialised in the business sector. It is a comprehensive but streamlined tool that is easy to consult, containing definitions of terms, linguistic recommendations and usage examples. The database covers the fields of auditing, administration and accounting, as well as legal, corporate, taxation and finance terminology, with a practical view towards professionals’ actual needs.


The Triple A database was compiled thanks to CTI’s partnership with network of prestigious tax and auditing firms and it is a testimony to CTI’s long-established competence in this sector.

Triple A was designed by Fabrizio Hugony, former editor of the Garzanti Business English dictionary, and is available at the address for the language combination English-Italian. Soon a new and enlarged version will be published with more content and languages, available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.


Difference between Triple A and other dictionaries 

Ordinary dictionaries are limited to listing terms and possible translations, without further information on their meaning. Often, translators are faced with the issue of choosing the best translation, because not all the solutions provided by the dictionary are synonyms and they can have vastly different meanings.  

Triple A, on the other hand, is organised according to concepts, enabling you to have absolute certainty about a word’s meaning and any available synonyms.

Let’s see this in action with a concrete example: the term discount. 

A traditional dictionary might show you the following: 
discount (noun): sconto, attualizzazione; discount 

Triple A on the other hand contains this:

Term in English and relevant synonyms Sector Definition  Term in Italian and relevant synonyms  Correlated terms 
discount; rebate; reduced price (commercial) Price reduction granted to a customer. sconto; ribasso; riduzione di prezzo
discount (banking) The transaction whereby a bank pays the amount of a receivable to a customer before it falls due, who in turns assigns that receivable to the bank that will collect it at a later time. sconto; sconto bancario; sconto degli effetti; sconto titoli
discount; discounting (finance) A financial operation by which the present value is calculated of an amount received in the future, taking into account the interest rate. sconto discount rate
discount (economics) The interest rate charged by a Central bank to commercial banks and other financial intermediaries for short-term loans.  sconto discount rate

Any terms shown on the same line are synonymous, both in the original language and the target language, for the specific meaning. As you can notice, a single term may appear more than once across different lines, in which case it has different meanings and different translations. 

In addition to this, you can find example sentences from real usage and can also search terms in a corpus of translated documents, to verify the use in context. 

This makes Triple A much more than an online dictionary: it is a powerful tool for accountants, auditors, CFOs and translators.  

Triple A is also the core of a genuine knowledge base which can be consulted at any point during a translation to clarify doubts about particular concepts.

Currently, CTI is developing a proprietary software application that will leverage the body of knowledge contained in Triple A to drive a machine translation engine as well as an assistance and quality assurance tool for all financial translations.