Interpretation and hostesses/ stewards

Selezione e formazione di interpreti, hostess e personale di supporto per eventi e incontri di affari.

In over four decades of experience, CTI – Communication Trend Italia has acquired unparalleled experience in the selection and training of interpreters, hostesses/stewards and supporting staff for events and business meetings.

 Our interpreters have been responsible for communication in many conferences, conventions, and meetings, and have contributed to the successful outcome of business negotiations.

Aware of the fact that interpreting often represents a unique and unrepeatable occasion, decisive for our clients’ success, we only offer qualified professionals, facilitating the service by providing documentation on the event in advance and monitoring the quality of the service provided.

Interpretation services

Conferences and conventions

Medical and IT conferences and conventions, strategic economic and financial negotiations for multinationals and banks are just some of the events for which we provide “turnkey” interpreting services.

Preparazione linguistica e contenutistica

Each service is performed exclusively by professional interpreters with an extremely high level of linguistic preparation, perfected with the specific terminology used by clients.

Specializzazione di settore

In fact, the selection of interpreters is based not only on professional profiles but also on the field of specialization required by each event and, in the case of simultaneous translation, an elevated and proven number of hours in the booth.

The fact that CTI has offered specialisation courses for interpreters in the fields of economics and finance, medicine and pharmacology and law is a testament to our commitment to the appropriate preparation of our interpreters.

A quick guide for the choice of interpretation services

Chuchotage, or whispered interpretation

From the French verb chuchoter, i.e. “to whisper”, this service consists in simultaneous translation whispered to the listener.
Chuchotage interpreting is used when one or two event participants do not understand the speakers’ language. It does not require the use of equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreter renders the translation of the speech simultaneously (i.e. almost concurrently) to the speaker. The interpreter works in a sound-proof booth equipped with a console, thanks to which the interpreter may listen to the speaker in headphones and simultaneously render the interpretation through a microphone, which is transmitted to the headphones of all those who do not understand the language of the speaker.

Simultaneous interpretation is used in situations that require an immediate translation without interruption, often characterized by the simultaneous use of multiple languages.

Simultaneous interpretation requires the presence of two interpreters per language who work together in the same booth.

Liaison interpretation

The interpreter works predominantly by memorizing brief passages and delivering them in the target language in the presence of two or more participants.
This method is used in informal situations in which both parties may interrupt each other and interact without following a strict program, such as business meetings, the signing of contacts, sporting events, company or factory visits, etc.
Liaison interpreters generally have two working languages.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a combination of two technologies, enabling synchronous interaction via audio, video, and data between two or more people.
Multiconferencing technology moreover allows different devices to communicate with each other, for example computers with or without webcams, landline and mobile phones and dedicated conferencing devices.
The interpreting service is performed at the offices of the client. The interpreter uses communication devices provided by the company or private client, such as computers with webcam, telephones, and audio-visual systems, etc.

Consecutive interpretation

This consists in delivering the translation once the speaker has concluded his speech, or a section thereof (ideally between 5 and 7 minutes).While the speaker talks, the interpreter takes note using a graphic shorthand and, when the speaker finishes or pauses, delivers the message in the language of the audience.

Consecutive interpreting is used for round-table events and does not require the use of technological equipment (booths or microphones). Two interpreters per language are required to ensure the respect of turns/alternation in order to guarantee a good service.

Interpretation for training

The interpreter translates, usually in a classroom or corporate space, lessons, and dialogue between the teacher (engineer, technician, etc.) and the participants.
Interpretation for training therefore has as its main objective the mediation of educational activities for foreign participants, such as industrial training.
Interpreters for training generally have two working languages and specific knowledge of technical and scientific sectors is required.

Hostess/ steward services

The importance of quality hostess/steward services, underestimated at times, contributes to reinforcing the client’s image during national and international events.
Moreover, each hostess/steward supports the sales team during events, providing potential clients with essential commercial information or bringing the most economically significant requests to the attention of stand staff.
During trade fairs and events, hostesses/stewards are available in uniform, which can be rented in the colours of the client company or association, or in classic suits.
For specific requirements, we provide models with the proposal of a casting to select the most appropriate one to represent your company or product. For this type of service, please contact the CTI event organization department, or send an email to:
All personnel are carefully selected and receive instructions for the performance of each assignment, thus offering a highly professional service with attention to every detail.
Finally, during the performance of assignments all personnel are covered by a specific insurance policy.


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