Courses for Teachers of Financial English for Tax/Legal Firms


CTI was established fifty years ago as a language services company, and today its main partner is a major accounting and law firm.

Against this backdrop, CTI is committed to broadening its range of specialised language services offered to accounting and auditing firms. We have offered courses in specialised English to leading accounting firms for many years.

CTI has signed a partnership agreement with a multinational company that provides high-quality services to thousands of Italian accounting firms.

In order to teach technical English to accounting firms, it is first necessary to understand the subject matter, such as: financial statements, taxation, international accounting standards, litigation, etc.

For people who already have such domain knowledge, CTI could offer dedicated teacher training for the material covered in the courses and could arrange a number of accounting firms who in turn wish to receive the language training.

However, we have observed that many candidates who we have engaged with have good language skills and an affinity for teaching, but they do not have the necessary economics knowledge to teach specialised English to chartered accountants.

Project – Overview

In the near future, we believe we will teach technical English in dozens of accounting firms. This entails that there are good and sustainable career opportunities for teachers with the necessary skill set.

For many years, CTI has been the only Italian company to offer specialised Masters’ for translators, one of which in Economics, in order to acquire the necessary domain knowledge and associated linguistic skills.

Today, we have conceived this specialised preparatory Master’s for teachers who fulfil all the general requirements but need dedicated training in the subject matter, in order to successfully teach specialised English to accounting firms.

Project – Conditions

The world is full of courses with little solid foundation offered by companies who promise vague, conditional career opportunities that may only be secured after completing their specific training.

CTI has existed as a company for fifty years for one reason above all: outstanding ethical conduct.

This commitment binds us to our partners in such a way that we pay great attention to only sending qualified and competent teachers.

Therefore, we have tried to strike a balance between the adage that nothing worth having comes for free and not asking too much of our prospective trainee teachers.

We believe that it is understandable what costs CTI must sustain in hiring high-quality teachers who are also chartered accountants and we have calculated the following proposal in a balanced way (VAT excluded):

  1. First lesson free of charge
  2. Advance payment of €250 for the first four sessions, granting you enough time to ascertain whether it is the right course for you and if you wish to continue.
  3. Second payment of €1,250 for the rest of the course.
  4. Refund of €500 for completing the course by passing the written and oral examinations.
  5. Ad hoc teacher training weekend (see programme provided below), focused on the course to be held at accounting firms, paid for by CTI (including food and board).
  6. Commitment to allocate at least two accounting firms to every successful trainee teacher after completion of the course.

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