Sworn translations

Sworn translations – authentications and consular certifications

CTI – Communication Trend Italia carries out sworn translations for the most important languages.

Although an expert report or an out-of-court translation may be certified with a registrar or notary without specific requirements regarding the place of residence of the expert/translator, the President of the Court of Milan has ordained that sworn translations may only be performed by translators registered in the REGISTER OF COURT-APPOINTED EXPERT WITNESSES or in the register of EXPERT WITNESS OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, in the TRANSLATORS/INTERPRETERS category (read the regulation here).

CTI offers its services and consulting for all your needs regarding:

  • sworn translations for use in Italy and abroad with authentication by the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • authentications at consulates and foreign chambers of commerce
  • authentication of original Italian documents at the Prefect’s Office.

The sworn translations are compliant with Italian law (pursuant to Art. 5 Royal Decree no. 1366 9/10/1922, Presidential Decree 396/2000 and Law 445/2000).